Gordon State College Brightspace by D2L

How do I Log in?

Your D2L username and password are the same as your Gordon network (email) credentials. Your username is printed on the back of your Gordon College ID card under the magnetic strip. Do not include when inputting your username. Read more about your Gordon network (email) username here.

Can't Log in?

Your Gordon network (email) password might have expired, which will also affect your ability to login to D2L. Updating your password will affect your Gordon email and D2L login. Reset your Gordon network (email) password here.

Need Help?

***Students will gain access to their Spring 2017 courses on the first day of class (which is January 11 for most classes). If students have recently added a course or edit their schedule in BannerWeb during the add/drop period, it may take up to 48 hours for them to be added to the appropriate course in D2L. If students do not have access to their course(s) after 48 hours of adding it in BannerWeb, they should email and provide their name, 929 number, and the course and section (ie: ENGL 1101 A) they need access to.

New Gordon students may not be able to login to D2L or access their courses until the first day of class (January 11) or up to 48 hours after registering in BannerWeb.***